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Commercial Benefits - Saving and Costs

The total cost of a solar power system includes the Photovoltaic (PV) system and installation. Your PV system’s cost will depend on several factors, including the system size, the energy efficiencies of your business and other possible site related factors. 

Mehr Solar can provide you with a full site assessment and commercial solar system evaluation and cost estimate. Call us to schedule your commercial site assessment. 

Keep in mind, the federal tax credit, the state incentives, rebates by some cities and utility companies, can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing a PV system.  We will do all the paper works and secure all the credits, incentives and rebates for you.

Following savings on your solar system can be realized for various states

  • Your system will pay for itself by eliminating or greatly reducing your electric bill; some systems have paid for themselves in as little as 4.5 years. The economies of scale realized with some larger systems can substantially reduce costs
  • Utility rebates and incentives in some states, can reduce the costs by 10% to 55%!
  • There is an additional 30% federal tax credit for the cost of your system (in addition to state rebates)
  • Sell your excess power production back to your utility company for credits used during times of lower production or greater power need
  • Net Metering utilizes a bi-direction meter that actually spins your meter backwards

By working with us, we will help you reduce your electric bill even further with helpful suggestions about what you can do to increase your energy efficiency.



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