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Commercial - State of Florida Tax Credits and Rebates

For commercial  businesses located in the state of Florida, there are two main government incentives,

(1) State rebate and
(2) Federal tax credit

These incentives can make up a substantial (30% - 75%) of system cost:

State of Florida Commercial Rebates and Credits
A cash rebate is offered by the state with a cap. For more details, please see below;

A production credit is also offered by the state per KwH produced by a PV system. For more details, please see below;

In addition, there are several utilities in the State of Florida that have additional rebates for which you may qualify and further reduce your system cost.

Federal Tax Credits
In addition to any State and utility company rebates and Credits, the Federal Government offers commercial solar system owners:

  • One-time Federal tax Credit of 30% with no cap

  •  Five Years Accelerated Depreciation

  •  Property Tax Exemption on Solar System

For 30% tax credit for commercial, please refer to IRS Form 3468 (item 2.b):

For 5 years Accelerated Depreciation for commercial, please refer to IRS Form 4562:

Financing Options
Do you want to write a check every month with no return, or do you want it to count towards future free energy in a Solar Energy System?

After 7, 10, 15 or 20 years your company can buy the equipment for as little as $1 and have free energy for the next 25 years.

Please ask your Mehr Solar Representative about financing options.


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