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Nonprofits and Public Facilities - Savings and Costs

The cost of a Solar system includes the photovoltaic products (panels, inverters, racks, rails, cables, conduits, ikons, etc.) and the labor for installation. Your PV system cost will depend on several factors including the average annual daily kWh energy usage, size of system, the location in terms of longitude, latitude, azimuth and Sun radiance intensity, energy efficiency of your home, and other possible site related factors.

Mehr Solar can provide you with a free residential remote site evaluation and cost estimate, np site visit needed unless you would like our site assessment solar technicians to be there. Call or email us the address and we do the rest & call or email you back with the estimate.

Remember, the credits and incentives
can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing a PV system. In addition, the state and federal tax credit can reduce your overall costs much further.  These rebates are decreasing with time, so lock your rebate in soon.



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