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Residential - Tax Credits and Rebates

Federal Tax Credit 
Tax incentives include tax credits and depreciation. The Federal Investment Tax Credit for Residential is 30 percent of net system cost It is a one-time credit, but may be carried forward (and possibly back) if not completely useable in the system installation tax year. Check to make sure it is still available.

Utility Company Rebates and Incentives

Incentives and rebates change depending on available budget, rules, regulations and renewable energy laws passed by legislative branch at Federal, State, Province, Regional or Local level, as well as your city and/or your utility company. There are other factors that may impact incentives and rebates, as well. 

As of this writing, U.S. congress has approved a 30% of the cost as a tax incentive for residential, commercial and agricultural solar system owners. This is in addition to the 5 year accelerated depreciation tax advantage for commercial and agricultural solar. This law has a limited time & may or may not be renewed. 

For most recent amount, please check your pertinent source of information or contact us. Mehr Solar is an eligible Solar Contractor & is authorized to install & apply for incentives and rebates on your behalf.

City Rebates are in lieu of State Incentives & are in addition to the Federal Tax Credit. 

Financing Options
Please ask your Mehr Solar Representative about financing options. These include leasing, power purchase arrangement, line of credit, second lien, or straight out purchase. Oftentimes, you can pay the same or less than you are already paying for electricity.



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