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Agricultural - Tax Credits and Rebates

Incentives and rebates change depending on available budget, rules, regulations and renewable energy laws passed by legislative branch at Federal, State, Province, Regional or Local level, as well as your city and/or your utility company. There are other factors that may impact incentives and rebates, as well. 

As of this writing, U.S. congress has approved a 30% of the cost as a tax incentive for residential, commercial and agricultural solar system owners. This is in addition to the 5 year accelerated depreciation tax advantage for commercial and agricultural solar. This law has a limited time & may or may not be renewed. 

For most recent amount, please check your pertinent source of information or contact us. Mehr Solar is an eligible Solar Contractor & is authorized to install & apply for incentives and rebates on your behalf.

Solar energy is one of our state's most abundant - and least utilized - renewable resources. The California Solar Initiative offers cash incentives on solar systems.  California Solar Initiative incentives, combined with federal tax incentives, can cover a good percentage of the total cost of a solar system for your farm.

  • Additional State Incentives for Commercial Use: 
    As an example for a state, the following two choices of incentives applies to California companies by the three state municipalities of SCE (Southern California Edison), SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric) and PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric):

    • Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBI) Incentives:
      As of 4/3/2008, the EPBB pays a one-time up-front incentive of $1.55/WattAC of the system purchase price for Commercial use, but this amount will change.

    • Performance Based Incentives (PBI):
      The PBI payment will be made on a monthly basis over the 5-years period. These payments will be $0.22 per-kWh of the actual energy (kWh) produced by the system., but this amount will change.

    Please note that the above rebates are subject to drop every six months. But as soon as the incentives are filed, the home owners are locked-in with the current rate. All system must be interconnected through participating utilities.

  • Federal Incentive:
    Beside the state incentive, the following federal incentive also applies to solar system owners:

    • One time Federal Tax credit of 30%,

    • Exemption from property tax increase,

    • Federal 5-year accelerated depreciation for solar equipment

    • Protect your business against energy rate increases,

    • Solar installations will increase the value of your business property by two to three times the cost of the system while you benefit from legislative protection prohibiting county property tax increased related to the installation, 

System pay-back periods are within 4 to 7 years, Loan interest deductions are available; see your tax consultant—this equates to approx. 500% return on investment over the life of the system.



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