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Residential Benefits

There are many benefits of using the sun’s energy as your power source and following are just to name a few:
  • Improving your home’s resale value,
  • Produce safe and reliable energy,
  • Reduce or even eliminate your electric bill,
  • Protecting the environment by creating and using clean energy,
  • Contributing to prevent risks involved with the storage of nuclear waste from nuclear power plants,
  • Reducing pollution to the environment from mercury pollution produced by coal burning power plants,
  • Help the global warming effects contributed by the carbon dioxide (CO2) output.
  •  Avoid utility rate hikes, 
  • Sell back your excess power production to your utility company in the form of credits for use during times of less production or greater need.

Many scientists tie warming temperatures to rising emissions of certain gases like CO2. While essential to survival, CO2 has seen a spike as fossil fuels are burned by cars and factories, such as power plants, leading to concerns that it and other gases are exacerbating the greenhouse effect that keeps Earth inhabitable.

For every 1,000 Watts (1kW) of electricity saved, you eliminate the following;

  • 20 Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2),
  • 130 Pounds of Nitric Oxide (NOX),
  • 208 Pounds of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2),
  • 101 Pounds of Mercury (Hg) ,

This is equivalent* of:

  • Planting 6 acres of trees
  • Taking 4 cars off the road,
  • Not driving 48,948 miles,

*Figures over 30 years


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